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Senator Knowles Berthgamble is a Shorty. Dot the SuperWikia Runtime Logo

Newly Empowered CampaignsEdit

Senator Knowles Berthgamble is a member of the SuperWikia Senate. She has contributed numerous campaign pro formas and administrative plans to promote the Senate and the Supercorp sectors under its jurisdiction. She is also recognized for the development of the Cartouche Cloaking Device used by Senate Secret Service to protect each Senate member from potential high, middle and low security risks. It also is used for other high profile parties such as religious bodies and some supergen clientele.

Other CampaignsEdit

The Senator also authored or contributed to:

Official Alliances Edit

Jason & Knowles Berthgamble

Jason & Knowles Berthgamble

The Senator is married to Jason Zacharhy Berthgamble; a powerful Business Mogul and co-founder of the Berthgamble Space & Defense Industries Supercorps. The Senator is under solveig oath.
USS SIS- 'Cainetzar' (Berthgamble Fleet Class)

USS SIS- 'Cainetzar' (Berthgamble Fleet Class)

Diplomatic ContributionsEdit

Sen. Berthgamble worked with Sen. Habatchii.

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