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New Perspective on SpaceEdit

Pamazon delegation leader Sen. Cretak launched the massive 'One Series' terraform category which increased the forces of the SIS extensively. The 'One Series'; which drew its energy from both internal and exeternal polarities, served as a model for commissioned SIS terraforms due to the introverted polarity in which it emits. This 'uni-polarity' effect restricted inter-planetary and inter-galactic interaction, in light of the enrichment of other resources the One Series produced.

One Series & the Philabrone ProcessEdit

The One Series dicipline of a single nuclioid planet remotely governed and reared became a standard for all SIS Lower Class Properties The One Series eventually incorporated several theories of evolutional systems, thus adding to the isolate governance and concepts of levitation. This was in direct conflict with the standing terraform theorems but met in common resolution via the Philabrone Process; the uninetic law of astrophysics outlining a spherical planet or body's perimeter and its habitable atmosphere.

Diplomatic ContributionsEdit

Sen. Cretak worked directly with Sen. Habatchii on numerous projects, a spearheaded the launch of the 'New Genesis'; the laying of the foundation for the galaxy in which Sen. Habatchii was reborn. She also worked directly with the matron Cadre Caduseus, who later became a High Priestess in the region. Sen. Cretak's diplomatic contributions have reached far into the SIS's campaign to support space and technology from various social perspectives.

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