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Newly Empowered CampaignsEdit

Lissbellantee (pronounced: Liz + Bell + Ante) is a major engine and aerospace manufacturer owned, operated and managed by the Berthgamble consortium of industries. The company is a battery component of Schematic Design & Military Equipment ~liSupercorp that also develops high-end facility plant engines, especially for Equipment Machine Manufacturing (EM2) clientele. The Cartouche uses the Lissbellantee's engineering to build their jump-enabled vehicles.

The story behind Lissbellantee is from an ancient Habatchii tale of when he was stranded on a uncolonized one series planet and became a great warrior who's horse he named Lissbellantee; the two fought in many of the native battles held by the tribes to maintain ethinic cleansing and population. The name, which means before the speed of bliss was derived from various sources including two of his adopted family's maternal cousins Bell and her daughter Katillya or Tee. Another source, from the same family line was from the sacred text written by Habatchii before his ascension. This bible went on to found an entire religious movement.

Other CampaignsEdit

The company also manufactures engines for:

  • Super Spacehighway Construction Equipment
  • Transcom Galactic Positioning System (GaPS) Satellites
  • ArchCities Administrative Building Generators
  • Plant Power & Generator Systems

Officials of the Supercorp Edit

Jason & Knowles Berthgamble

Jason & Knowles Berthgamble

The Senator is married to Jason Zacharhy Berthgamble; a powerful Business Mogul and co-founder of the Berthgamble Space & Defense Industries Supercorps. The Senator is under solveig oath.

Driving Ranges & Testing FacilitiesEdit

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