The 1st Solarstate Industrial Hiatus

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The 1st Solarstate Industrial Hiatus (aka- The Hiatus) was an amplitudinal campaign launched by the SIS Tradepool, The Laborforce and The Cartouche against The Insolvency; a para-terrorist regime which practiced extremist breach media wrong exploits against the lower class properties within the solarstate.

  • Theme at Present

The Hiatus has been downgraded since its implementation, but its campaign against the Insovlecy can still be seen. Industrial strength is regulated by varius bodies, including the TICS, the Tradepool and The Dominaunt Administration, which leads the fight against breach media wrongs and eco-terrorism.

  • Active Supernumeraries'

Major players and leaders within the intial organization of the Hiatus included the administration of numerous solarstate officials; these supernumeraries signed a solveig agreement called the Seizeship Treaty of the Allstate or The Allstate; which created a reinforced resistance against the effects of their own sanctions being exercised against themselves and their allies. The treaty also provided military buildup provisions and new colonization policies to be enacted due to the extremist activity of the Insolvency.

  • Probable Inhibitors and Obstacles

The fact that the plan called for a complete evacuation of the entire populated properties of the solarstate before the initial campaign could be launched, was an obvious inhibitor to the treaty being inacted. It called for new and established colonists and their families to uproot from their domiciles and board large vessels called Spreadships to re-inhabit new regions within the solarstate. Many colonists refused the provision and remained to fight the Insolvency, but were never heard from again.

  • Last Recorded Developments

The Cartouche sends Superforce patroller troops into the region on a routine basis to police the frontlines and to build up a stronger military prescence in space there. The last known incident was between a small unincorporated group of resistance pirates who were incarcerated when attempting to kidnap a Sentinel sent into the area to conduct Regional Technical assessment tests and evaluations. The pirates were gathered by means of a digital tagging frequency which stamped their coordinated and breach media wrong offense number upon their foreheads. They could not eat or trade without the stamp.

  • Evidence of the Hiatus's Prescence

The Hiatus began as any normal space storm, with great solar flares and astroid belts being redirected from their course. Then the planets and the terraforms began to shift from their pylon rotation and orbit and the effects slowly began to effect them. Global-wide static storms, earthquakes, lunar and solar phasing and various other atmospheric disturbances virtually destroyed all living things on the planet's surface. For the planets on the perimeter of the Hiatus, the effects were less severe, being haunted by the trade embargos and sanctions in which the Seizeships had imposed, they were left with trading with pirated commodities (foodsource) and defective contraband goods forced upon them by the Treaty. This was the sting of the Hiatus against the Insolvency.

  • Strengths & Weaknesses of the Supernumeraries

The treaty established new internal trade for its exclusive member parties that agreed to separate from the Insolvency, the piracy and the destructive campaigns which corrupted every city and every governance with the promise of economic independency, but left all in a paradox between criminal organization and the corrupt pirates that created the Insolvency.

Of the most notable of the things in which the Cartouche endorsed were:

Information Data Action
  • Starbase at Selphalon 3
  • Starbase at Selphalon 6
  • Onsite Command at Selphalon 7
Data Here
  • Stratus Major Region
  • Terragen Plexus Region
  • Astronimous Omni Region
  • Palatial Anterior Region
  • Longitudinus Prime Region
  • Elementary Region
  • Stratus Minor Region
  • 1st level of the SIS galaxy system which hosts the Galactic Northern Hemisphere
  • 2nd level of the SIS galaxy system populated by acumen grade planets, terraforms
  • 3rd level of the SIS galaxy system comprised of agaseus bodies and gas giant stars
  • 4th level of the SIS galaxy system dispersed with large particle fields and debris vectors
  • 5th level of the SIS galaxy system reserved for transcom's Legend jump coordinates
  • 6th level of the SIS galaxy system consisting of unstable electro-static & alphawave patches
  • 7th level of the SIS galaxy system which hosts the Galactic Southern Hemisphere
Arguemented Areas
  • Brometreius Expanse Complex
  • Recievius Expanse Complex
  • Annuncius Expanse Complex
  • Nexnocthesis Expanse Complex
  • Decadencius Expanse Complex
  • Occuldentrios Complex
  • Neuvolveus Expanse Complex
  • Proper Name of the Galactic Expanse in which Quadrant One, Quadrant Two & Quadrant Three spawn.
  • The Galactic Expanse in which Quadrant Four, Quadrant Five & Quadrant Six spawn.
  • The Galactic Expanse in which Quadrant Seven, Quadrant Eight & Quadrant Nine spawn.
  • The Galactic Expanse in which Quadrant Ten, Quadrant Eleven & Quadrant Twelve spawn.
  • The Galactic Expanse in which Quadrant Thirteen, Quadrant Fourteen & Quadrant Fifteen spawn.
  • The Galactic Expanse in which Quadrant Sixteen, Quadrant Seventeen & Quadrant Eighteen spawn.
  • The Galactic Expanse in which Quadrant Nineteen spawns.
No-fly Zones
  • Streamforms-
  • Treadways-
  • Airgates-
  • Palatial Offramps-
  • Lightspeedway-
  • Escalades-
  • Spacegates-
  • Basic term used to define particle conversion and transmigration travel
  • Routes and major passages for planetary and intra-galactic traffic
  • Air to land decline loop which provides regulated merging with ground traffic
  • Normal speed offramp for exiting the spaceway
  • Drivespan for longer distances and lane change-overs
  • Operating ducts which escalate traffic to higher treads
  • Near vertical land-based incline loop which allow access to space
Disputed Territories
  • Salvage Stations
  • Trash Tread Zones
  • Asteroid Dumps
  • Pulsar Patches
  • Luminary Incinerators Sites
  • Exhullation Drops
  • Surplus Centers
  • Sponsor-Free space stations which process decommissioned private vessels
  • Existing space construction sites which serve as temporary holding zones for rubbage
  • Long-term holding sites for large loads of metallic & other refuse
  • Patches of very unstable electro-static build up generated from old solar scaffolds
  • Agaseus incenaries used in final disposition of rubbage
  • Testing site drop-off stations for solarstate class fleet craft
  • Specialized taqauri centers used as major staples for craft and vessel parts
Opposition Command Posts
  • Signatories
  • Transcribes
  • Ambassadorships
  • Protectorates
  • Leagues
  • Embassies
  • Secretariats
  • Basic member of another or opposing recognized proxeum or guild; a signee of authorship
  • Registered member authorized to manage over proxeum/guild submissions
  • A Supermodel or other 3D representation as endorsed by a proxeum or guild
  • Notably recognized compilation of 3D Supermodels and or their proxeum/guild
  • Documented body of Protectorate entities
  • Organization of Leagues in respects to a foriegn body or entity
  • Non-Incorporated Archcity entity which hosts one or more Embassies (Commonwealth Protectorate)
Negotiations/New Treaties Data Here Data Here

(A Complex is one or more galaxies, a Plexion is the distance or expanse between two or more galaxies)

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