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The SuperWikia Engineering Deck is for use by engineer delegates, proxies and other engineering authorities of Supermodels, Entities and allied interests groups of each of their campaigns. This page is designated for all official SuperWikia business and is currently in build-up mode.

Authors: Do not forget to use a 'Dataplate' during tourney tours.

SuperWikia Engineering Deck

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The SuperWikia Spacecraft & Deep Space Station Shipyard is for posting of new and decommissioned ships and vessels of which Supermodels have been associated. Also; if you are new to SuperWikia, you may secure a fleet and crew for your Proxeum or Guild. (Ships & Stations are for SuperWikia tourney use only)

Technical Data

The Shipyard's purpose is to create a platform for which SuperWikia contributors to build a profile of existing works and or blueprints of their (or co-authored) works. Each Republic, Independent and Confederation member listed is considered as a separate entity of the shipyard and whose contributions remain the sole property therein.

Preface- Technical Data is outlayed in seven categories. Each category establishes the guild's or proxium's submission unto the fleetyard.

SuperWikia is not responsible for the upkeep of the vessels and crafts submitted.

Servicing of all data is the responsibility of the agent or representative of the guild or proxeum, respectively:

Each entry follows a standard template for data to be submitted. Omissions should be filled with a non-applicable (n/a) or in progress placeholder.

Ship & Vessel Architectural Data

Ship & Vessel Architectural Data

Engineering Systems Data

Systems of Measure- FOC Weight

  1. 1000 B-FOC Kilochrist- Equals the smallest measurable level of astro-FOC weight, generally comprising an single FOC unit times 100 and their satellite capacity.
  2. 2000 R-FOC Megachrist- Equals the second smallest measure of FOC weight, entailing FOC times 1000. Considered the standard engineering unit of acumen measure.
  3. 3000 A-FOC Gigachrist- Equals the third smallest measure of FOC weight, consisting of FOC times 100,000
  4. 4000 N-FOC Terachrist-
  5. 5000 D-FOC Petachrist-
  6. 6000 O-FOC Exachrist-
  7. 7000 N-FOC2 Metachrist-

Lifegrid & Bay Carry Capacity Data

Propulsion Data

SuperWikia Engineering Terminology Index (ETI)

Armament & Ancilliary Data

Tour of Duty & Decommission Data

Sub-Fleet & Shuttle Craft Data

Additional Material

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SuperWikia Engineering Deck 'Hologram'

Non-3D / Non-SW References

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3D & Comic / Non-SW References

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