The SuperWikia Planetarium is for use by delegates, proxeums and other authorities of Supermodels, Entities and allied interests groups of each of their campaigns. This page is designated for all official SuperWikia business.

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SuperWikia Planetarium 'Logo'

SuperWikia Planetarium Basic Jurisdiction

All properties within the Planetarium are operated by the SuperWikia Administration. Reservations for occupancy may be established by means of the PREREQ and Tourney process. Each property is managed as if they were terraformed properties under development. This method allows for transition of governance to occur more smoothly without destroying the entire planet's framework infrastruct. (Authors: Submitting a new tourney bid for the planetarium requires that you provide dataplates for both the property and each sub-property (or 'partition') you wish to compete on behalf.)

Each planet must follow the SuperWikia's Planetary Guidelines for Earth Governance (or PGEG). This ruling establishes that:

  • Submission of a new terraformed property which has not undergone the PREREQ process may result in an automatic default of Republic governance.
  • Each Property must have exactly 365 geographical 'partitions', each of which may be solictited for the bethrothal process and the tourney tour.
  • Logos, flags, endicia and other user submitted images should only be used on user operated pages unless a state of governance has been established.
  • Planets, Astroids and Moons all fall into the SuperWikia Planetarium's 'Planet' category and should be labeled with the appropriate categorization.
  • At least 365 articles (or images) pertatining to the direct development of that particular partition must be submitted before a proxeum/procession/entity flag can be raised over the contested partition.
  • Telicamology (SuperWikia Weather) reports are not permitted and are only authorized for SuperWikia Sentinel Staff categorization and coverage; in order to maintain consistancy of reports.
  • Semester tracts must accompany any submission to be used in SuperWikia Senatorial Chamber sessions.

SuperWikia Planetarium Rules & Regulations

Each planet submitted unto the Planetarium as an exhibit becomes subject to the tourney process and is open to public inspection and examination for data consistancy and accurracy. SuperWikia Users must negotiate directly with the author of the article submitted to access Realtime proprietary data. Only Runtime items such as textures, mapping, boundary names, landmarks and other items found within the article or image itself may be used during tourney tours.

SuperWikia Planetarium Authorities & Adjudication

Authors: Do not forget to use a 'Dataplate' during tourney tours.

The SuperWikia Planetarium

This portion of the Planetarium showcases the different types of planets recognized by SuperWikia and its observatories. The two links here direct you to the SuperWikia Planetwide Forecasts and the SuperWikia Planetwide Forecasts Index. Both of these links have information that may be useful only for SuperWikia Sentinel Staff members during tourneys, yet references from them may be used by anyone. Below is a general outline of the geography and other habitats of the Planetarium. These may be used during General Session tourneys and Superior Session Tourneys.

Acumen Planetary Classes (Onsite & Offsite)

  1. AP1.1: Sea Habitats
  2. AP1.2: Terrain Habitats
  3. AP1.3: Atmospheric Habitats
  4. AP1.4: Palatial Habitats
  5. AP1.5: Lower-Orbital Habitats
  6. AP1.6: Extra-Orbital Habitats
  7. AP1.7: Space Habitats

Super Planetary Classes (Onsite & Offsite)

  1. SP2.1: Sea Habitats
  2. SP2.2: Terrain Habitats
  3. SP2.3: Atmospheric Habitats
  4. SP2.4: Palatial Habitats
  5. SP2.5: Lower-Orbital Habitats
  6. SP2.6: Extra-Orbital Habitats
  7. SP2.7: Space Habitats

SuperWikia Planetarium Lab Catalogue

Superwikia Planets, Astroids & Moons

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Stock Images-Planets, Astroids & Moons

Superwikia Solar Systems & Galaxies

SuperWikia 'Planetarium'
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Solar Systems & Galaxies
*SIS Tweep Republic Solarstates
SIS Quadrant Location: SIS Name of Galaxy
Quadrant One: Sonjanella Galaxy
Quadrant Thirteen: Easteria Galaxy
Quadrant Nineteen Unchartered Galaxy Five

Other Charted Galaxies

  • Advanced SuperWikia Tourney Members Only

Newly Formed 'Transparent Empire' Solarstate Galaxies of the Ancient Cloud-

  1. Achupas Galaxy
  2. Aphoto Galaxy
  3. Ariz Galaxy

SuperWikia Planetarium Landmarks & Records

SuperWikia Planetarium Landmarks & Records

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