Once Upon A Time, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...


The USB spawned virtually an infinite profusion of leaders; high officers and Doctorates at Space. But one leader was recognized by the USB for acts which surpassed a multitude of authority; this is the beginning of the Plame Plan.

Status: General Plame's Calling

  • Gen. Pamela Plame was elected to lead a supreme strike against the Apostacy Leaders and the offshoot of their destructive campaign, the Insolvency. Her mission was to secure a stronghold on all opposition locations by means of prone assault in which all forces in those regions were strategically implemented and held in combat stasis. After the entire campaign itinerary was completed, the order was launched, Exam 19 was administered and the regions under opposition control were liberated in one massive space campaign; known as the Superwars of The 1st Solarstate War

The Tactics of the Plan

  • The Plan of occupation entailed an ancilliary barrage of consistant disciplines administered outside of the regions. These disciplines, (aka- The Seven Disciplines of Variance) laid the foundation for most of the existing SIS movements and settlement domestication. Below is a general overview of each:

The Seven Disciplines of Variance:

  • The Super Enforcers & Super Controllers
  • The Transcribes & the Encoders
  • The Advance & Demerit Systems
  • The Processions & the Tradepools
  • The Logics & the Proxeums
  • The Equipose
  • The Sadeics & the Bibles

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Supermodel: General Plame's tour of duty during the Superwars was exemplary of leadership, due to the fact that the tour was openly endorsed by Supermodel: Habatchii as the wars unfolded. Of the 12 solveig Dreignships and 12 solveig Magistrats, 11 of the Dreigns and all of the magistrats followed under the Plame Plan as it enforced the procedurals of the tourney process within the entire solarstate.

Below is the story of the STA's Plame Plan and how it helped shape the Protectorate solarstates.

Chapter Eight: The Subversion

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Chapter Nine: The Test

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Chapter Ten: The Antagonist Reign

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Chapter Eleven: The Plan

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Chapter Twelve: The Lost Soldiers

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Chapter Thirteen: The Exodus

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Chapter Fourteen: The Solarstate United (Plame's Theme)

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