Once Upon A Time, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...


The Universal States of the Breakpeace is a continuing epic of struggle, triumph and accollades of a war between good and evil. Based upon the Superpowers models of space supremacy, the USB sparks a new era of characters and events which ultimately overflow into the classic saga of the Dark Side of the pulse.

Below is a overview of the Breakpeace as it has evolved over the eons. These eras are representative of the seven great Superwars which led up to the Breakpeace Dam being constructed between the two rival Superpowers; The Old World Order and The New Power of Governments (NPG).


  • The Neuralyte Era- A peaceful era taken over by the Electravirus. (5000 yrs)
  • The Orb Era- An era of robotic enlightenment cloaked with betrayal and deceit (7000 yrs)
  • The Dreignial Era- A war torn era of ruthless lords known as 'Dreigns'. (7000 yrs)
  • The Normalcy Era- A prophecized era policed by the planetary Criminal Sects. (5000 yrs)
  • The Arch Era- A rebellious period in which commonwealths battled colonists. (7000 yrs)
  • The Robotic Era- An enslaved period of sufferage, ruled by stealth robots. (7000 yrs)
  • Breakpeace- A period of declaration of inter-galactic statehood. (19,000 yrs)

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In observing the progression of the Superwars, the showcase of inter-galactic blazonry is of the ministries of a High Priest known as Habatchii. Habatchii has been deified in many different galaxies and larger bodies, due to the space military campaigns which excellerated his military career far beyond the imagination. His leadership included founding various outposts which served as a pivotal point in determining where the Breakpeace was to be constructed and orchestrated its commissioning of 12 solveig Dreignships and 12 solveig magistrats to govern over it.

Below is his story and the rise of a new prescence within the Force.

Chapter One: The Birth of Habatchii

SuperWikia Independents: USB-Chapter One

Chapter Two: The Regimes of the 7th Selphalon

SuperWikia Independents: USB-Chapter Two

Chapter Three: The Ascension of Habatchii

SuperWikia Independents: USB-Chapter Three

Chapter Four: The Neuralyte Prophecy

SuperWikia Independents: USB-Chapter Four

Chapter Five: The Dark Side of Habatchii

SuperWikia Independents: USB-Chapter Five

Chapter Six: The Ostricism

SuperWikia Independents: USB-Chapter Six

Chapter Seven: The Nativity (Habatchii's Theme)

SuperWikia Independents: USB-Chapter Seven

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